The sound flies to you. Do you feel its fluttering?

You do not need to search the sound anymore. If you have hearing impairments, you can disconnect the mind, and trust that your WIIM© Smartwatch works as a second skin to extend your senses.

WIIM© Technology

When WIIM© technology is added to a place, people with hearing impairments remain sensory connected to their environments. Its smartwatch detects alerts and alarms around them which are transformed into sensations for your skin.

Sensory connected to your space

After installing WIIM© in your home, you may feel the doorbell and daily notifications from your environment in your skin with a soft and precise fluttering. You will know if your phone is ringing, the baby cries or the washer already finished. It also protects you by alerting if smoke, gas, water or other situation is detected.

WIIM© creates a virtual and sensory space, where all alerts and alarms activated in its action radius are transmitted with tactile effect to the person

We want you discover your daily routine with this new way of feeling the space and sound.



  1. Door sensor
  2. It detects if someone knocks the door
  3. Appliance sensor
  4. It detects when the appliances have finished
  5. Smoke sensor
  6. It detects fire
  7. Gas sensor
  8. It detects toxic, volatile and flammable gases leakage
  9. Flood sensor
  10. It detects water in not appropriate zones
  11. Weather alert
  12. It alerts about natural phenomena (tornadoes, storms, etc.)

Receiver: WIIM© Smartwatch

It receives all signals and transforms them into vibration.

Casa con tecnología WIIM



If you need help you can push the friend button. You do not need to be within the action radius of WIIM©. The friend button is available 24 hours a day to assist you in any place when you have a difficulty.

Icono GPS GPS*

With GPS to facilitate the location. It regularly sends the position, so it may also detect the route usually done by a person.

Icono ambulancia Call to 112 and family contact

Our help protocol, which notifies the family contact and 112, is activated when pushing the button. The assistance will go to the place where the help is needed.

Icono datos médicos Medical history**

WIIM© system keeps the medical history (allergies, illnesses, etc.) of the person to facilitate the assistance process.

* Geolocation data is stored encrypted and can only be accessed in case of emergency.

**Medical data is stored with strong encryption specially HL7 data.

Reloj WIIM mitad



The contact person registered for your friend button will always be informed about the notifications that you are receiving through the Smartwatch. We have developed this application for them for iOS and Android.

Iconos de los botones
Aplicación de WIIM

Connected spaces


The innovative value of WIIM© Technology includes not only its capacity to create a virtual place where the person may receive all alarms, but also its technological umbrella, the internet connection (IoT) and the possibility to share sensors connecting several places to the same system.

Sociedad accesible WIIM

Someone with two or more houses with WIIM© technology will receive all signals automatically activated in each action radius, as the person is in either house.


The installation at home is simple and wireless, so all the elements can be adapted to he needs and particularities of every place. The home kit is constituted by the following elements:

Gateway (Data collecting and internet connection)

Series of wireless sensors connected to gateway:

  • Fire detection sensors
  • Gas leak sensor
  • Flood sensor
  • Toxic gas sensors
  • Triggers to be integrated to the different appliances.
  • Wireless buttons for the doorbell.
  • Wireless emergency buttons to be installed in strategic and potentially dangerous places such as the tub

*Gateway and sensors with backup battery to prevent it from switching off if there is a cut-off of the power supply. It has connection tointernet to send alerts.

SDK for developers

WIIM© facilitates the access through an API Restful, so you can integrate your own sensors. Develop your own applications using WIIM© alerts.

Available from February 2016.

SDK for developers

Logo original con aleteo

The fluttering of sound

The places with WIIM© technology use the last advances of wearable products.

Reloj y colibrí WIIM



Icono integración Integration

All alerts and alarms in the same place.

Icono flexible Flexibility

Comfort in contact with your skin.

Icono portable Portability

Free movement through the space.

Icono versatilidad Versatility

100% adaptación a cualquier necesidad y espacio.

Icono comfort Confort

Trust, your contact person also detects the alerts.

Icono aplicación Intelligence

Vibration patterns.

Reloj WIIM
Reloj negro WIIM© Black
Reloj plateado WIIM© Silver
Reloj naranja WIIM© Orange
Reloj azul WIIM© Blue
WIIM circulo tecnología WIIM Smartwatch

Features and functions:
  1. Gps tracking and location
  2. SOS emergency call
  3. Speedily family number dial
  4. SIM card (without connecting to a phone)
  5. Autonomy (between 4 and 6 days)
  6. Geo-fence
  7. Alarm Clock (remind)
For Android Wear, iWatch and Pebble

Círculo Android ANDROID WEAR
Círculo Pebble PEBBLE
Círculo Apple Watch iWATCH

Spaces that connect us


And it is important for us that this technology allows to connect us at human levels, since it links public and private (home) places, constructing a more accessible community for everybody.

Those who have WIIM© Smartwatch will receive the alarms and alerts in their houses, offices and leisure places (according to the contracted services) without cost, if these places have the system installed with their action radius in which the watch will be connected.

Mapa sociedad accesible



The companies, besides the classic safety sensors (water, gas, fire, etc.), may adapt their WIIM© services, according to their areas and specific needs, discovering new ways of accessibility.

If your company wants to know the customized services offered by us, contact us and we will be pleased to inform you about all the possibilities.

Companía watch

WIIM© Technology Team

We are Hearing Software company, a group of people that has joined to give life to WIIM© project. Since the beginning we have walked together with deaf people in order to offer a technological solution ​in which they can support whenever they need. A product that aims to create spaces adapted to everybody, in which the sense of touch guides and allows to move freely through the sound, with autonomy and freedom. Our purpose is simply to improve the welfare as well as to provide tranquility and a greater sense of freedom. ​

Antonio Sánchez Pineda

Antonio Sánchez Pineda


Computer Engineer specialized in IoT and Fiware. Developer of web and mobile applications for Google Glass, Android Wear, Pebble and Epson BT-200.

Beatriz Valiente Rodriguez

Beatriz Valiente Rodríguez

Marketing and communication

Marketing and communication. More than 9 years of experience in marketing and communication, working in companies such as McCann Erickson.

Raúl Molina Sánchez

Raúl Molina Sánchez

Web and mobile development

3 years of experience as developer of mobile applications.

Rafael Maranon-Abreu

Rafael Maranon-Abreu


Telecommunication Engineer and Product Manager in Amazon Lab126. Currently, he is an advisor of the project. He also has great experience in IoT because he was Product of IoT in Cisco.



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